Soundwave 2014 Interviews: In Hearts Wake

While hanging around Sydney’s Olympic Park for Soundwave 2014, Music Feeds managed to run into vocalist Jake Taylor from Aussie metalcore soldiers In Hearts Wake, one of the few Australian acts on this year’s Soundwave menu. Jake got us caught up on what it’s been like getting “thrown right into the deep end” at Soundwave.

We started off chatting about the band’s recent regional tour, which saw the boys complete twenty dates in halls and community centres around the country. “Being a hardcore band from a small town, I guess we’re more in our element when we do regional shows, just playing on floors and engaging with kids,” Jake tells us.

Jake also took some time to tell us about the band’s Skydancer Project. “We wanted to get our music out to the world and we thought we should put our money were our mouths are and be a part of the bigger picture and the way we crafted this project is we offered [our new single] for free but gave people the opportunity to pay one cent to one hundred dollars…and one hundred percent of the money goes to three non-profit organisations.”

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