Soundwave 2014 Interviews: Mastodon

Music Feeds managed to run into the awesome Bill Kelliher of progressive metal monsters Mastodon, who are headlining the metal stage at Soundwave 2014, which recently cruised through Sydney. We had a couch ready to go at Olympic Park and managed to coax Bill into sitting down and sharing a few minutes with us and even giving us an update on the band’s next album.

After trading compliments about jeans, Bill explained why he’s been a bit timid when it comes to audience interaction. “I didn’t even have a chance to look up at the crowd [in Brisbane]. I was too focused on trying to play my instrument, because we haven’t played in like six months [laughs] I was too afraid to look up.”

Last we heard, Mastodon were working on a follow-up to 2011’s hugely successful The Hunter, which bassist Troy Sanders said picks up from where the previous record left off. “We’ve got a new record coming out. I don’t know [when it’s coming out]. Hopefully soon. [It’ll be] this year. We pretty much just wrapped it up and they’re mixing it now,” said Bill.

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