Soundwave 2014 Interviews: Placebo

Music Feeds managed to steal some time from Placebo drummer Steve Forrest while hanging around Sydney’s Olympic Park at Soundwave 2014. The last time we spoke to Steve, Placebo was gearing up to unveil their most recent studio-length effort, Loud Like Love, and Steve took the opportunity at Soundwave to get us caught up on why he prefers the festival circuit to band’s theatre and club shows, after offering up a little love to our fair country and its audiences, of course.

“I prefer the festival vibes. We do lots of our own touring and it’s great, but festivals are just a massive party vibe and everyone is up for it, everyone’s happy, and we’re all here for the same reason. Crews are getting along and helping each other out, bands are introducing themselves to each other, you see some old friends and you make some new ones,” Steve explained.

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