Soundwave 2014 Interviews: Suicide Silence

One of the most anticipated acts of Soundwave 2014 has been the new incarnation of metalcore veterans Suicide Silence, who many thought would never grace a live stage again following the untimely passing of their inimitable frontman, Mitch Lucker. While hanging around Sydney’s Olympic Park, we caught up with new vocalist Eddie Hermida (All Shall Perish) and guitarist Chris Garza to see how fans have been reacting to the new lineup.

“For every one negative comment, you get twenty to fifty really positive comments,” Eddie told us. “The show [in Brisbane], front to back and side to side, was [kids] bouncing, shredding, pitting, losing their minds, people were crying. That right there is a welcoming reception.”

Despite Eddie running a “perpetual hangover,” the boys also opened up about the band’s “heavy” and “brutal” new album, which will be their first without Mitch, though as Eddie and Chris explain, his presence will be felt. “It’s breathing that fire that Mitch left behind. He was right there with us during the whole process,” said Eddie, with Chris adding that the new LP “sounds like Suicide Silence.”

“The biggest thing I can tell you about the record is we ended up using some lyrics that Mitch left behind and we put them into a song and tried to figure out a way to record it all,” Eddie revealed. While there’s currently no release date or title for the album, the boys have assured us they’ll be back soon to tour it.

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