Soundwave 2014 Interviews: The Dillinger Escape Plan

Among the many must-see bands at Soundwave 2014, which Music Feeds was recently lucky enough to attend, arguably none is more vital to a fulfilled festival experience than mathcore trailblazers The Dillinger Escape Plan. We sat down with Billy Rymer and Ben Weinman of the volatile group to get the lowdown on what makes them such a draw.

After discussing the “swampy and moist” climate of Brisbane, the boys shared their love of Australia, with Ben revealing that it is in fact the band’s favourite place to tour, despite the immense distance between our fair land and the boys’ home country, of which Billy quipped, “Being in Australia is great, coming here is not so great.”

Ben then shared his thoughts on the pros and cons of festival shows vs. the band’s own club shows, saying, “I think the energy of a club show, where there’s more intimacy, where there isn’t a giant barricade between you and the crowd, is really great. Playing a little bit of a shorter set is almost nice in a festival, because you can pick and choose songs and really make a sharp attack.”

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