Soundwave 2014 Interviews: Trivium

Trivium have managed to cement a position as a Soundwave Festival institution. Soundwave 2014 marked the third appearance from the Orlando boys at Australia’s favourite hard rock event and Music Feeds managed to get together with bassist Paolo Gregoletto and lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu to see what keeps them coming back.

“We get asked [laughs],” said Corey. “I think it’s become such a staple of Australian touring now and it’s just such a big event,” added Paolo. “So many people, so many great bands, it’s definitely hard to turn it down and we love coming down here, so it’s a pretty easy choice… They do a good job of making sure everyone is eating good, we got the dressing rooms, the hotels, the logistics and flying in everyday to play shows is pretty crazy. To do it with so many bands, it’s a really well-done festival.”

Paolo then shared the band’s thoughts on their Aussie fans, saying, “I’ve just been blown away. We keep coming down here over the years and every time I go out there I’m just reminded that we really have a great fan base down here. They really have been loyal to us, they’ve given us a couple top ten records in a row and it’s just awesome. We love ’em.”

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