Soundwave 2015: Atreyu Have Finished Recording Their New Album

Atreyu playing Soundwave in 2015 is something that could’ve never happened. In 2011 the band essentially broke up, only to return unexpectedly late last year.

Drummer Brandon Saller explained to Music Feeds from Soundwave, “We came back because we just felt like we needed to do it again.”

This time around the band is refreshed and back to their original energy. “It feels better than it did before. Any of the being in a band pressures and the touring pressures fully just disappeared,” Saller said.

“We’re coming back with…no real agenda apart from make music we love and having fun.”

The next step in the band’s reunion is to release a new record, the first since 2009’s Congregation of the Damned. According to Saller, the record is due to be released in September or October. “We just finished tracking the record four days before we left for this. It’s essentially done,” he said.

And what can we expect from it? Saller says, “It’s brutal, it’s fucking awesome.”

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