Soundwave 2015: Butcher Babies’ Manager “Hates” Their Cher-Alike Album Name

Butcher Babies are currently in Australia burning up the Soundwave stage on their debut Aussie tour.

Music Feeds spoke to Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey of the band from the festival where they revealed that their sets here will be all about the big tunes.

“Our second full-length album come out this Summer and we were thinking maybe we’ll play some songs off the new album,” said Harvey, continuing, “But, no, this is our first time to Australia so we’re going to play our older album and just play the hits. The ones that will get the people moving.”

Despite the fact they won’t be playing any new material at Soundwave they still gave an insight into the new album due out this winter.

“We wanted to make it heavier and thrashier,” said Harvey. “We were able to go in and have some fun with some thrash-metal…we went back to our roots.”

“It’s a little schizophrenic,” added Shepherd. “It’s got so much different kinds of metal on it.”

They also joked that their manager hates the album name they’ve chosen. Although they wouldn’t reveal what it is Harvey joked, “He [the manager] made a meme with Cher on it and sent it to us, which is a little hint.” Lock in Strong Enough for LP2?

The band are thrilled to be Down Under, apparently kicking a “big goal” in their career. With the amount of friends around, it’s not hard to see why — Rob Halford of Judas Priest dropped in to the interview for a sneaky peck on the cheek.

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