Soundwave 2015: Escape The Fate Say Expect New Material By June

Escape The Fate are currently at the end of their tour in support of their 2013 record Ungrateful and they’re set to head back into the studio for album number five after Soundwave.

“We already have the studio booked to go in and do the new album,” said the band’s frontman Craig Mabbitt, speaking to Music Feeds from Soundwave in Melbourne.

The band hoped that they would have a new song to play at Soundwave but nothing is ready as of yet. “We’re going to do it all through the Spring and start promoting it before the Summer”, said Mabbitt on recording the new record with drummer TJ Bell adding, “We hope to have something out by Warped tour.”

Warped Tour starts in the US in June so you can bet on having something new from Escape The Fate by then.

As for the sound of the record the band remained tight-lipped saying, “It’s definitely going to be different but it’s going to be different in a good way.”

It’s the first album to be released with new guitarist Kevin Gruft who’s apparently influenced the sound of the album. “He gets the Escape The Fate sound,” said Mabbitt adding, “He knows exactly what we should sound like but he has a fresh new perspective on it.”

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