Soundwave 2015: Fall Out Boy On New Album – “We Already Saved Rock And Roll”

Fall Out Boy have described their latest record American Beauty/American Psycho as the most collaborative they’ve ever made.

Speaking to Music Feeds from Soundwave, guitarist Joe Trohman said, “We all individually like very different things musically and there’s places where we connect but this record has a lot of our individual imprints on the songs. It’s weird, It’s musically eclectic and at the same time as an album it’s a more cohesive record than Save Rock And Roll.”

As to how it’s different from 2013’s Save Rock And Roll, bassist Pete Wentz joked, “We saved rock and roll so we’re not going to make the same record,” with frontman Patrick Stump. “We never had a chance to say, you know, you’re welcome for that.”

It seems Fall Out Boy are not only here to support their new album. They’re also here to set-up a collaboration with Drake who will begin touring with Future Music Festival next week. “We heard Drake was gonna be here this week. I don’t think that restraining order applies in Australia,” Pete Wentz said.

He continued, “Whenever we run into Drake someone’s holding out the mic and we’re like, “Hey what’s up Drake?” We try to get him to say a hook.”

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