Soundwave 2015: Hollywood Undead On Setbacks, Frustrations & Their Best Album So Far

California’s Hollywood Undead are making their Soundwave debut in 2015 and with a new record just weeks away from release, they are showing no signs of slowing down after this festival tour.

“We spent a lot of 2014 making it and we feel it’s our best record to date so far,” the band say of their forthcoming album Day Of The Dead, due out late March. “We just released a second song called Usual Suspects online and the audience so far is really loving both songs.”

Despite having to struggle through some frustrating behind the scenes issues, the band say they channelled a lot of their anger into the music. “We had a lot of problems behind the scenes with stuff. Management, record labels a lot of the crap that goes on with bands that people don’t see, so that really put us behind.”

“We haven’t had a record released internationally in four or five years and so this is the first time we’re having a record come out in Australia and Europe, so we’re really excited about it.”

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