Soundwave 2015: Incubus On ‘Trust Fall’ And Changing With The Times

Incubus have a huge year ahead of them with the planned release of two EPS Trust Fall Side A and Side B and they’re kicking off the year jumping straight into live performances for the first time in a good long while.

After spending the last few months holed-up in the studio, the band are finally ready to show the fans what they’ve got. Speaking to Music Feeds from Soundwave, bassist Ben Kenney said, “We’ve been in a writing and creative mood for us and switching lanes for us it’s strange.”

This is the first time Incubus have moved away from the standard album release instead opting to do it in two parts. “Releasing it in this way is a nice challenge,” said drummer Jose Pasillas continuing, “plus it gives time for the listener to digest a fewer bunch of songs.”

The changed-up release format is both a creative decision and a reaction to the shorter attention span of people listening to the music. As Kenney aptly put it, “You’re standing on a landscape and the landscape’s constantly changing but as long as you’re still standing then you’re not screwed.”

As for what to expect from the two releases Pasillas said, “There will be a marked difference between them and when you put them together they’ll make sense.”

2015 is going to be a big year for Incubus and they’re only just getting fired-up. Stay tuned.

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