Soundwave 2015: Judas Priest – “We’ll Keep Going Till One Of Us Drops”

Soundwave 2015 marks only the third time in four decades metal legends Judas Priest have visited Australia, meaning the band had some work to do in choosing a setlist from their 17 album catalogue.

Speaking to Music Feeds backstage, bassist Ian Hill said, “You have to upset people. We have a new record out and we’re going to try and put new songs in there.”

“For every new song, you have to drop someone’s favourite. We can’t just keep adding to the set otherwise we’d be here for a week.”

Hill described putting together the setlist as “a nightmare every time”

Luckily for fans it seems there will be more than a few more times left to catch Judas Priest in action. With a new album Redeemer Of Souls in the pocket, the band are enjoying a golden period after the addition of new guitarist Richie Faulkner.

“Richie came to the band about three years ago now and he’s injected a whole new enthusiasm and energy into the band,” Hill said.

“We’re going to keep going until one of us drops, I suppose.”

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