Soundwave 2015: Ne Obliviscaris On Melting Shoes & Their Path To The Soundwave Stage

Australian metal heroes Ne Obliviscaris were one of the few homegrown bands on the 2015 Soundwave lineup and according to Xen and Tim from the band, shoe-melting heatwaves aside, they’re thrilled to be representing great Australian talent on the festival stage.

“Whatever happens it’s so much fun to be playing to new people and playing to your fans who have come out to watch the show, and also to a whole bunch of people who don’t know who the band is, and who are just discovering us by playing this great Australian festival,” says Tim.

“Last year I payed money to go see Soundwave and watch all the great bands play and now we’re up on stage being part of the whole festival,” he adds. “A lot of Australian bands don’t get that opportunity, so we definitely value it.”

Ne Obliviscaris also talk through their updated shoe technology, built to withstand the heat, and exactly how they nabbed a spot on the festival lineup in the first place.

See photos of Ne Obliviscaris’ live at Soundwave!

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