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Soundwave 2015: Of Mice & Men Are Writing Their Fourth Album Already

Of Mice and Men drummer Valentino Arteaga has offered fans some hints as to what to expect from the next chapter from the band.

Speaking to Music Feeds from Soundwave in Melbourne, Arteaga told us the band are already working on a fourth album. “We’re going to let the music speak to us, we’ve already started writing some stuff and some ideas are coming out. You never know what Of Mice & Men could do,” he said.

The band has been forming a chronological story with each album release with The Flood followed by Restoring Force. When asked about what theme for the next album, Arteaga was unsure — “I don’t know… ‘expansion'” — but he added it’s no mistake the albums work as a narrative.

“A lot of it goes with the planning, and with us being artists and trying to think of ways to have our music mean more than what you just hear sonically,” he explained.

Of Mice & Men have just released a reissue of their latest album, titled Restoring Force: Full Circle. Of the new music included on the release he said, “We wanted to bring the album full-circle and write some more music that we felt like expanded a bit on what we tried to do with Restoring Force.”

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