Soundwave 2015: Steel Panther Talk Fav Aussie Bands & Debate The Band’s Hottest Member

Steel Panther made their triumphant return to Australia this year and provided much of the on stage heat at 2015’s Soundwave Festivals. We managed to get Stix Zadinia and Michael Starr from the band to sit still for a few minutes to chat about everything from Jurassic World to getting laid to their favourite Australian bands.

“Men at Work! Hello,” says Stix. “Dude, how do you not fucken think of Men At Work when you think of Australian bands. Colin Hay – that guy’s a genius.” Other favourites for the rockers include AC/DC (of course) and Midnight Oil.

From then though, the conversation spirals down into a very Steel Panther-esque rabbit hole, traversing such varied topics as Jurassic World, 50 Shades Of Grey, getting laid and the perennial question of: ‘Who is hotter?’ You’ll have to watch to find out.

When you’re done with that, watch Steel Panther talk about wanting to knock the chili sauce out of Anthony Kiedis’ head!

Then, check out images of Steel Panther doing their thing, live at Soundwave!

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