Soundwave 2015: Terror Universal On Debut Album Plans And The Trouble With Their Name

Australia is the first and only country in the world right now that can download Terror Universal‘s Reign Of Terror EP, so it makes sense that Soundwave crowds are going suitably crazy.

Speaking to Music Feeds from the festival, drummer Massacre and vocalist Rott stopped by in full regalia to reveal why Australia was the perfect place to launch their global campaign.

Says Massacre in reference to the previous day’s show in Adelaide, “The fans yesterday were fucking insane. There was pitting going crazy, fist-banging the whole time.” Rott noted a wall of death. “They don’t even know the music yet,” continued Massacre. “Can you imagine when they get to know the music?”

It’s been a whirlwind few months for the band, which consists of members from current and ex-members Ill Niño, Soulfly and Machinehead. Massacre explained, “We’ve been together about four months and by the time March runs around we’re going to be doing four continents in four months.”

Let’s just hope they make it to their destinations — they guys also told us about the difficulties of crossing international borders with the word “terror” in their band name.

On what the band wanted to achieve with the EP, Massacre said, “I think right now we wanted to make music that was original but wanted to stay within a certain fan-base. We wanted to stay aggressive, we wanted to say fuck you to a lot of people”

Metal and hard-rock music has a tendency to box bands into a certain sub-genre but Terror Universal are breaking down those walls. “There are a lot of people who are like you’re not in this scene, you’re not in that scene. Who gives a fuck? We’re all in the same scene,” Massacre explained.

As for new Terror Universal music, the mask-clad band promised that if people want to hear more, they’ll head into the studio to start nutting out a full-length in April.

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