Interview: SPOD -The Darker Aspects Of Becoming An Adult

The return of the legendary SPOD has the whole nation in a slightly better mood. At least life situations that can never be articulated will finally be articulated, and what better way to start that off than with A Couple of Beers

It’s the latest track from the solo artist, who found himself writing the ultra realistic track based on the concept of having a couple of beers rather than going full retard. It’s something we can really all relate to, but SPOD finds it more relating than usual as he grows more and more into an adult. “Age and moderation”, as he put it, are the two factors that are influencing his creative output. 

The single itself may not make its way to an album, but will continue to serve its purpose as not so much an introduction track, but a cheeky reminder of what’s going down. That’s not to say that we can’t expect another full-length from SPOD, who has been hard at it so that we can learn from his words as early as first thing next year. 

Known for some out-of-control live performances, SPOD explains that his recently announced dates will be somewhat low key, “tight” as he puts it, featuring perhaps just him and one other on stage, performing as SPOD. 

“I got long plans” SPOD concludes, geeing up fans not only with the album, but with some other sneaky little projects he might have on the cards for the not-too-distant future. 

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