St. Lucia – Interview With Jean-Philip Grobler

While in town for Parklife Festival 2013, St. Lucia quickly became the talk of the town. With their track September finding solid traction on radio and online, you could tell how excited Australians were to see who was behind the hit.

To find that out, you need look no further than Jean-Philip Grobler. Though in a live setting Grobler is accompanied by a team of esteemed musicians, when it comes to the studio, it’s a one-man show. Grobler caught up with the Music Feeds team while rehearsing for the remainder of the tour at Sony Studio.

As the musician explains, he was last here when he was much younger, performing with a boys choir, but absolutely loves the country. Jean-Philip chats about sightseeing before getting to business and chatting about the group’s most recent release, the September EP. That particular release saw St. Lucia incorporate the concept of remixes of the title track. Fans can expect a noticeable detachment from this in the group’s forthcoming album, which Jean-Philip discusses, while keeping his lips tightly sealed.

A very internationally experienced individual, the conversation turns towards his background. Having lived in J-Berg before location to the UK and to his current home in the US, we chat about how this has moulded his outlook on life and therefore his music. Grobler also elaborates on the differences between his home city of NYC and Sydney.

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