Stone Sour (Corey Taylor) – ‘House of Gold & Bones, Pt 2’ – ‘Peckinpah’

Interview by Marc Zanotti

Name checking the great western film director, Peckinpah, the next track off House of Gold & Bones, Pt 2 creates a whole new persona for the name – a wise protagonist who may know the answers, but won’t let them go too easily.

“Those are the answers that stick, when you’re not bombarded that way.” Corey Taylor explains. “That’s how Peckinpah likes to let the human figure things out, on his own.”

Taylor also uses the track as a chance to explore the “arrogance that comes with thinking you know everything”, in reference to his own experiences, explaining that it wasn’t until later in life that he released the damage he caused to those around him in his youth.

Corey Taylor came into Music Feeds Studio to break down Stone Sour’s House of Gold & Bones – Part 2 track by track. Feeds will be releasing the interviews all week long, giving fans an insight into the complex narrative and thought process behind House of Gold & Bones.

House of Gold & Bones – Part 2 by Stone Sour is scheduled for release 9th April.

Track 1: Red City

Track 2: Black John

Track 3: Sadist

Track 4: Peckinpah

Track 5: Stalemate

Track 6: Gravesend

Track 7: 82

Track 8: The Uncanny Valley

Track 9: Blue Smoke  

Track 10: Do Me a Favor

Track 11: The Conflagration

Track 12: The House of Gold & Bones

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