Talisco – ‘A Kiss From LA’

French indie-electronic artist Talisco, AKA Jermone Amandi, has shared the official video for the first new single from his forthcoming second studio album Capitol Vision.

The new track is called A Kiss From LA, and is the first taste of a new vision that Talisco was trying to explore when creating his second album, showing off his typical anthemic guitar chords and captivating voice.

The video cuts footage of Talisco in Los Angeles with clips of anarchy and police throughout the city, using close-ups, black and white frames and fuzzy police footage to reinforce the chaotic nature of his love story with L.A.

“For Capitol Vision, as a musician and a producer, I decided to be who I am, to satisfy only myself, to have fun and explore all the directions I was interested in, letting go of the fear of disappointment, of the fear of the unknown,” says Talisco of the forthcoming record.

Capitol Vision is due out Friday, 27th January 2017.

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