The Drones – ‘Taman Shud’

Perth legends The Drones have made their triumphant return with the snarling new single Taman Shud, complete with a brilliantly whacky music video.

Taman Shud, which was produced and engineered by Aaron Cupples and founding Drones member Gareth Liddiard, takes aim at everything from the carbon tax to Andrew Bolt.

The song’s title is inspired by an unsolved 1948 case of an unidentified man who turned up dead on Somerton Beach in South Australia — a case which was named after the phrase “tamám shud”, meaning “ended” or “finished” in Persian, which was printed on a scrap of paper found in the man’s trousers.

Here’s how The Drones explain the song’s relation to Mr Shud’s death:

“67 years later right-wingers rule the world uncontested because left-wingers earlier outlawed everybody’s right to call out people being assholes on the grounds that assholes also have the right to believe in the possibility of a leftist utopia in which nothing straight forward can ever be said.

Taman Shud is the result of that delusion and proof to the contrary.”

Taman Shud is the first single from The Drones’ highly-anticipated seventh studio album, which is without an official title or release date. The album will be the follow-up to 2013’s stellar I See Seaweed.

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