The Griswolds Talk Breakup Songs, International Morning TV And ‘High Times For Low Lives’

Come Friday, 11th November local legends turn international hits The Griswolds will be releasing their brand new album High Times For Low Lives. Prior to the release, Music Feeds caught up with half of the band to get the skinny on everything that went into making the record, and everything that will come out of it.

The last such offering from the band was 2014’s Be Impressive. As the boys explain, they were conscious of not making a Be Impressive 2.0, but instead a release that was completely self-sustained. As they explain, to get this done, the band members did their “take on all of our favourite sounds” resulting in an eclectic release that’s straight up and down The Griswolds.

The band shacked up in a remote locale where they hit countless beers, which, considering beer is one of their muses, suggests a highly professional and effective outing.

Also discussed in depth, international beaches and international TV shows – two other things that now play a massive part in the lives of The Griswolds as they continue to prick up ears the world over.

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