The Maccabees – ‘Something Like Happiness’

British alt-rockers The Maccabees have unveiled a beautifully shot visual for their new single Something Like Happiness.

The track is the second single to come from their forthcoming album Marks To Prove It and follows the lead-single of the same name.

The band have used the same director Joe Connor for both videos and he’s done a particularly brilliant job with this one, reeling out shot after shot of white-hued imagery.

“Throughout this whole collaboration, The Maccabees main point was to make the mundane seem amazing, the grotesque beautiful and the forgotten prominent,” Connor said of the video.

“Everything you see in these images is really there, nothing is added, it all exists, we just had to look at it differently.”

We’re not so sure what’s mundane or grotesque about the majestic white horse that features in the latter parts of the video but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

The album is due to hit at the end of next month and will be their first since 2012’s Given To The Wild.

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