The Presidents Of The United States Of America – ‘Jennifer’s Jacket’ (Unplugged At Music Feeds Studio)

The Presidents Of The United States Of America took time out from their recent Australian tour to waltz their way into the Music Feeds Studios and serenade us with some acoustic versions of their biggest tracks.

And, man, did they bring us some good value – in this first video, Jennifer’s Jacket, Chris Ballew and Andrew McKeag start off strongly, and then, 24 seconds in, Chris loses it, introducing a ridiculously long word ending in “hung-ha” to the dictionary in the process.

After another false start, they get going for a lightning rendition. Right towards the end, the boys assess their performance with a bit of banter. In fact, Andrew gives Chris a rundown on how they really should have played a particular verse somewhere in the song.


Interview – Part 1

Interview – Part 2

Interview – Part 3

‘Feather Pluckn’ Live Performance

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