The Tongue – Rhymin’ (Unplugged At Music Feeds Studio)

The Tongue gave Music Feeds a little preview of his upcoming record Surrender To Victory, spitting a verse, a cappella style, from new track Rhymin’. Speaking about the new song, The Tongue said that by writing about nothing in particular, he made some specific points:

“On some songs I just wanted to let loose and have fun. So it’s quite liberating to write a song where … the lines don’t even have to relate to each other. I just want to let the raps lead me and then the meaning can come after.

“The funny thing about that is when you write a song that feels all over the place … it kind of makes a lot of points that I didn’t really know I wanted to make.”

One of those points is making mention of Tony Abbott’s ability to twist words. The Tongue has recently found his own words twisted by OzHipHop, leading to a Twitter battle between himself and fellow Australian hip-hop artist Chance Waters…not that we should be focusing on that.

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