The Trouble With Templeton – Six Months In A Cast (Live at Music Feeds Studio)

Brisbane outfit The Trouble With Templeton are pulling off on all stops to ensure 2013 is all theirs. Already, the band has performed a prominent events, both nationally and abroad, leaving a trail of awe in their wake. Recently the band released their sophomore album Rookie, kicking off the new chapter in the careers with a run of headlining dates, making a stop off at Music Feeds Studio for a live streamed interview and performance.

After wrapping up the interview, the band kicked off the performance with Six Months In A Cast. The gradual build up of the track is sure to entice even indie rock’s harshest critics. Coaxing you in oh-so-subtly, Six Months In A Cast unleashes with a flurry of instruments, led by the acoustic guitar.

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