Thy Art Is Murder – ‘Light Bearer’

Sydney deathcore outfit Thy Art Is Murder have given their latest single, Light Bearer, the full (and fiery) music video treatment.

The lead single from the group’s forthcoming album Holy War, Light Bearer‘s raw intensity has now been combined with snakes, religious allusions, and a helluva lot of fire.

Thy Art Is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh says the Light Bearer music video spawned for that pyromaniac obsession. “For the last few years since the Reign Of Darkness video came out, the only thing we’ve all been obsessed with is having fire in our next clip,” Marsh says.

“With a title like Light Bearer, it all came together thematically and our friends at Ambitious Films understood our vision and helped make it a reality. We are so excited to bring you guys new music and a new video. Rejoice, the day of Satan and man is upon us.”

In late April, Thy Art Is Murder unveiled the full uncensored artwork which will feature on Holy War. The album is set for release on 26th June 2015.

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