Tinpan Orange – ‘Cities Of Gold’

Melbourne folk outfit Tinpan Orange released their fifth studio album Love Is A Dog earlier this year, an LP that was everything you’ve loved about their honest, raw instrumentation and sound.

One of the absolutely highlights of the record is the melancholic, emotive tune Cities Of Gold – a release for which the band have now shared a brand new music video.

The video was the creation of director Jam Nawaz and choreographer Simone Page Jones, who came together to to create a storyline around three people in a lounge setting, dancing, moving around, setting things up and moving in time with a wacky waving inflatable tube man.

Shot at the Dancehouse studios in Melbourne, it’s a reflection of the awkward realities of life; and the hope and beauty in the simple pleasures.

Tinpan Orange will launch Cities Of Gold at a performance at Memo Music Hall in St. Kilda this Saturday, 13th August.

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