Tiny Little Houses – ‘Milo Tin’

Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses wear their influences on their sleeve. Unashamed of sharing their enthusiasm for classic slacker rock (despite the inherent oxymoron), these guys deploy all the genre’s favourite musical tropes while wrapping it all up with a classically unkempt aesthetic.

Complete with lyrics about unrequited love and a girl who only notices “all the other guys”, new single Milo Tin is more of that same longing filled indie noodling we’ve come to expect from the four piece.

Hailing from where else but slacker rock capital Melbourne, the band are leaning into the ’90s resurgence with their clip. Describing it in their own words as just them doing “their very best to channel something between 1994’s indie classic Clerks and pretty much every Pavement video ever shot,” we’d say they’re pretty spot on.

Shot with with friend and second time collaborator, Daniel Dunn, the band actually took over a convenience store in St Kilda for the shoot, giving us all a window in to the grim reality of most working musicians. You know, except for the part where they get to bring their band to work.

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