Totally Unicorn – ‘Customer Service Station’

The title to Totally Unicorn‘s latest song song is way more important than you might think as once you realise the entire song is from the perspective of someone manning a Customer Service Station all the grunting makes marginally more sense. In all seriousness though, this would be one hellish customer service experience for your average shopper, but a metal heads dream.

A tightly wound piece of post-hardcore (Or is it grindcore? Or groove metal?), the clip that goes along with it plays up the comedy side of things, playing off the band’s upcoming Top Gut tour by introducing a Top Gun/vintage commerical aviation and intoxication theme. Can you guess where this is going?

If you guess hilarious green screen skydive scene with copious male nudity you guessed correct. There are no prizes unfortunately, just the sense of self satisfaction you get from a job well done. Which coincidentally is how the boys from the band are feeling as this is easily the most entertaining grindcore video I’ve ever seen.

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