Triple J’s Matt and Alex On The ARIA Awards 2014 Red Carpet

As the 2014 ARIA Awards got underway this evening, the red carpet in front of Sydney’s Star was filled with a whole bunch of Australian and International musical big names. Hidden within the throng of celebrities were triple j breakfast hosts Matt Okine and Alex Dyson who eschewed the black tie trend in favour of dress-ups.

Forget suits, the two of them strutted the red carpet decked out like two of the 2014 ARIA Award front runners, Sia and Chet Faker. Or, more accurately, as the hirsute Faker and the leotard-wearing dancer Maddie Ziegler from Sia’s Chandelier clip.

“I felt bad because in the limo we rocked up in, I just imagined people seeing a blonde wig and thinking, ‘oh my god!’,” Okine, dressed in a flesh coloured leotard, told Music Feeds from the ARIA red carpet. “You could see girls shivering with excitement as to who might step out of the limo and then these two idiots come out.”

As evident to all with eyes, the flesh-coloured suit doesn’t provide much coverage for Okine’s own, ah, Chandelier, which is something he has thought about. “If I even get murmurs of an erection right now, I’m going to fucken rip it off man,” he added.

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