Tuka – ‘My Star’

The third single from his Aria Top 10 charting album Life Death Time Eternal, My Star sees Tuka rapping to his future child over a bed of easy going beats and lush disco guitars.

Written while on tour with hip hop group Thundamentals (of which he’s a member FYI), Tuka was inspired by his tour manager’s love of his young son, and his glowing words on the subject. “I don’t have children, but that conversation inspired me to write a song to my own future child,” he said, adding that “the line ‘you are my star’ comes from the point of view that essentially we’re all made of matter that originally came from star dust.”

Co-directed by Harry Hunter (Entropico) and Mike Williamson (MISTER), the clip sees Tuka realise his childhood dream of being an astronaut, the rapper taking off on a intergalactic journey that owes much to 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar.

Very much a collaborative effort between Tuka and the directors, the project came together quickly in terms of the concept. As Hunter puts it, “a good song can give you lots of information, a narrative – an entire world, even,” with Williamson continuing, adding that “even from our initial brainstorming sessions, we were all in the same headspace: SPACE TRIP!”

The Life Death Time Eternal tour kicks off Oct 23rd in Adelaide, with Tuka traversing the nation over two months with a full live band and support from B Wise & Left.

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