Interview: Twenty One Pilots – “We Like Listening To Our Own Music”

Genre defying Ohio alt pop duo twenty one pilots were recently in the country for a string of Australian east coast dates as part of their quiet is viølent world tour, and graciously they stopped by Music Feeds Studio to perform some awesome tracks.

“We always dreamed of being able to play in front of people, even in our home town,” explain the duo following the performance. “To be on the other side of the world and being able to see people know the words and sing back to us is something that will never really get old. It’s inspiring, really.”

The duo say they’ve been channeling that inspiration into writing new material for a forthcoming album, due sometime “in the future” and sure to contain as many genre-bending surprises as their debut Vessel. “We like listening to our own music, which is kind of a weird thing to say, but you’d be surprised how many bands and artists are involved in projects where they don’t even like that style of music, they listen to something completely different.”

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