Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘First Word Problem’

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have released a new video for their latest single First Word Problem.

In the clip, a man and woman dance their way through alternating enclosed and open spaces: the confines of a house and the great expanse of the desert. The pair act out conflict and resolution in a relationship, and finally what appears to be an ultimate defeat. Differing time and space represents differing perceptions, like looking out at the world from the bubble of a relationship, and vice versa.

First Word Problem was the first track to emerge from the band since their 2015 album Multi-Love, and it gave us a fresh dose of funk’n’disco to wrap our ears around. The video was co-directed by Kiani del Valle and James Lees. Kiani del Valle also choreographed and dance in the video, alongside Derek Schiesel.

In a press release del Valle commented on the video saying:

“With First World Problem, I aimed to create a dialogue between both art forms. I wanted the video to be the response to Ruban’s lyrics and musical melodies rather than showing literally what the song is saying.

“There are always two sides to one story and the video piece is her side of the story. I am a heavy fan of silent films and how unspoken language could add a second layer to the one we speak.”

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