Vera Blue – ‘Lady Powers ft. Kodie Shane.’

Vera Blue (real name Celia Pavey) has released a music video for her hit single ‘Lady Powers’ featuring Atlanta hip hop act Kodie Shane.

The clip was filmed in Los Angeles with director Jesse Heath, who says the idea for the video was “to focus on making a piece of work that expresses both female empowerment and personal freedom without being expository or cliche”.

“It could have been easy to make an oppositional ’girls vs. boys’ video, but that would have done the song a great disservice,” he says.

“The girls in the video aren’t performing for anyone except themselves and that’s what makes them so powerful.”

Speaking about the clip, Vera Blue says, “We had this huge warehouse where there were like 30 people. In every corner of the room they were building different sets and the first one was kind of like, this big sheet of plastic with neon lights behind it.

“I got to dance in front of it and be really energetic and powerful then I went and danced behind it which felt like a barrier — it was kind of symbolic for the whole meaning of the song.”

Vera Blue is preparing to release her Lady Powers | Power Ladies Remix EP on Friday, 13th April, and will tour the country between May and June.

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