Violent Soho – ‘Viceroy’

Brisbane’s favourite scuzzy punk rockers Violent Soho are back with a new single Viceroy, and a characteristically loose video to match. The second single to be released from the highly anticipated forthcoming album Waco, the clip was directed by Dan Graetz and see the band pretty much trashing an already kinda trashed video set. Punk.

The clip is reminiscent of what an early Green Day video would have looked like if it was directed by Frenzal Rhomb. The drummers playing with wooden spoons, trash everywhere and in keeping the band’s humility there is a huge Violent Soho banner hoisted about the spree.

You’ve really gotta hand it to these guys who have been playing for the better part of decade but don’t seem to have lost any of that adolescent punk energy and love for the music. Currently on a never ending tour cycle, the new album comes out on March 18th.

In the meantime though you can enjoy this wonderfully destructive video and pretend it’s 1997 to escape the crippling reality you’re in your late ’20s and still spend all your dole money on long necks.

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