WATCH: 360 – ‘On A Planet No One Knows’

Matthew James Colwell, best known as Aussie rap vanguard 360, has unveiled On A Planet No One Knows, the song that made headlines late last year, after the confrontational rapper premiered it at Brisbane’s Sprung hip-hop festival, with a preamble that took racist Australians to task, saying, “There’s a lot of racist c-nts in this country. I don’t know if people are proud to admit it, or what – but there is.”

Felt right to upload this new song around australia day [sic],” tweeted Colwell. The video, which features some of history’s most famous classical artworks coming to life, is set to the sound of a light, sputtering beat, alternating piano keys, and elegiac vocals, while Colwell raps about his view of the racial landscape in Australia and recounts his personal experiences with racism.

I don’t want to have fans that are racist pigs”, Colwell emphatically states. The song also features a spoken word sample of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Firefly creator Joss Whedon giving a speech on gender equality. The song is the latest cut from Colwell’s new album, Utopia, which also features the highly-anticipated collaboration with Daniel Johns, Impossible.

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