WATCH: Buried In Verona Behind The Scenes On ‘Faceless’ Artwork Shoot

Sydney metalcore troop Buried In Verona have announced the release of their fourth studio album, Faceless. The album, which already has fans rabidly salivating over the tracks Splintered and Illuminate with their gruesome videos featuring a group of faceless characters brutally beating and torturing the band and people around them, is slated for release Friday, 7th March through UNFD.

The band view the album as a middle finger to doubters and detractors, with vocalist Brett Anderson saying, “We aren’t going to change the way we are, and we hope our fans never change the way they are to appease people who like to talk shit. This record is as much a ‘fuck you’ to our detractors, as it is a message to people to keep being themselves no matter what.”

Readers can now check out Brett and the boys shooting the rather masochistic artwork for their new album, which Brett describes as an “extortion-hostage situation kind of vibe, dirty, gritty, which the album is like that.”

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