WATCH: ‘My Compton’ With Josh Pyke

Critically acclaimed biopic Straight Outta Compton has already won rave reviews and inserted itself into music discourse as one of the great filmic depictions of the culture shifting group that was N.W.A.

Available now exclusively on iTunes and Google Play, ahead of it’s Blu-Ray and DVD release January 14th, Music Feeds is celebrating by joining up with some of Australia’s most well-known musicians to find out about their “Compton” by letting them take us to locations and sites that hold particular significance to their early careers.

First up is one of the countries foremost singer song-writers and beard wearers, it’s Josh Pyke, who take us to three important milestone locations in his hometown of Sydney from his final days working a record store in Balmain, to his monumental first performance at the prestigious Annandale Hotel and his first ever sold out gig at the now defunct Hopetoun Hotel.

Watch the insightful mini-doco above and make sure to grab yourself a pre-order of Straight Outta Compton here.

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