WATCH: Darwin Deez Get Back To Jamming During La Casa Artist Residency

New York City-bred indie troop Darwin Deez recently dropped by the scenic, resort-like surrounds of Corona’s La Casa retreat to take up an Artist Residency, during which the band returned to their roots and engaged in some free-form jams and the band’s eponymous frontman shared some trade secrets, going in-depth on separating “great” songs from the just “okay” ones and the depression that can ensue with the latter.

“It’s a mystery what goes on in your unconscious mind,” says Deez. “All you know is when a song starts to come out, you go, ‘Hey! Something came out!’ and then you ride it and then it goes away and it’s away for a while.”

Regarding separating the tracks that make the album to the ones that forever remain stowed away in the subconscious, Deez says, “It is pretty close to the origin point of the song that I can tell it’s gonna be a potentially great song or a potentially okay song. When I do stuff that’s okay, I start to feel, like, ‘Well, this is silly,’ and I’m depressed and sad and confused and lonely and then a song comes on and I go ‘Oh yeah, I know what I’m doing.’ And it’s really intense.”

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