WATCH: King Parrot – ‘Dead End’

In their video for Dead End, Melbourne’s own King Parrot ask what happens when you combine one of the most highly regarded pieces of 20th Century cinema, one of Melbourne’s most treasured live music establishments, and one of the loudest, grittiest, angriest, most axe-wielding-est metal bands Australia has to offer?

For their latest and quite possibly their greatest celluloid statement, the raucous Melbournites have paid homage to Stanley Kubrick‘s horror classic The Shining by going Jack Torrance on The Tote. Of course it’s a quintessentially Aussie affair, replacing the iconic “Here’s Johnny!” line with a nonchalant “Howyagoin’?” and the re-imagined Grady daughters beckoning the protagonist with a disaffected, “Come play with us, Skitzy.”

The video, which features cameos from fellow Melbourne rockers Batpiss and The Spazzys, was produced with the help of Melbourne production crew Blackbox Films, who’ve previously worked with The Mark Of Cain, Mama Kin, and The Groves, and collaborated with King Parrot on their video for Bozo, that time set in Melbourne’s famous Cherry Bar.

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