WATCH: Real Estate – ‘Crime’

For readers needing a break in the clouds, Real Estate have just unveiled their shimmering, jangling, sun-kissed new single, Crime. Just try your best to ignore the track’s blackly comedic lyrics. Crime serves as an encapsulation of what first endeared the band to fans and critics, with its textured guitar layers, dreamy vocals, and pop-informed catchiness.

The band are currently gearing up to release Atlas, their highly anticipated third album and one of their most collaborative efforts to date, via Domino next Friday, 28th February. If the singles are anything to go by, Atlas is bound to generate even more acclaim for this Ridgewood outfit.

Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile filmed his guitar part for this novel “Guitar Tab video” in Melbourne’s own Fitzroy while touring with his other project, Ducktails, while singer/guitarist Martin Courtney sent his contribution in from his adopted home in New York City.

Check out this week’s new music right here!

Check out this week’s new videos right here!

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