Interview: Weezer – Return to Aus – Part 2

Weezer is currently touring Australia for the first time in 16 years. The LA outfit’s previous Australian tour was in 1996 behind Weezer’s now revered but initially under-appreciated second album, Pinkerton.

At that time turmoil seemed to surround Weezer. Fans might recall the somewhat infamous Recovery interview with frontman Rivers Cuomo, who explained to The Herald Sun last year that Weezer’s first visit to Australia was a dark time for the band.

“That was one of our low points in 1996 … We were very unsure of the future of the band. We were not getting along and had a lot of hard feelings towards each other,” Cuomo told to The Herald Sun.

Although there may be few fond memories of Weezer’s first time in Australia, the band’s return sees Cuomo and co continue their Memories Tour, wherein Weezer play either 1994’s Blue Album and 1996’s Pinkerton from start to finish.

In Part 2 of our interview, we sit down with drummer Patrick Wilson and bassist Scott Shriner before Weezer’s two Melbourne dates, and the pair talked to us about what the Memories Tours mean to the band, and how Weezer have evolved in the decade and a half since they were last on our shores.

Part 2

• Wilson and Shriner discuss 2008’s Red Album, which saw Rivers move away from the formulas of his Encyclopaedia of Pop and return to more self-expressive style with songs like Troublemaker and Dreamin.

• Shriner then enthusiastically discusses the shift from his trusty bass guitar Fenders to Electrical Guitar Company and his ‘magical WTF pedal.

• Shriner and Wilson then explain that the possibility of following up 2012’s Weezer Cruise with a Weezer Summer Camp is far from a reality.

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