Interview: Willow Beats – “We Write For Us And Our Friends”

Music Feeds was recently lucky enough to have rising NSW duo Willow Beats come into Music Feeds Studio to to treat us to some fantastic tunes, including those on their acclaimed 2013 Alchemy EP. Following their performance, we had a quick chat with the band about their upcoming EP Water.

“It’s an eclectic mix of songs, definitely, but they follow a similar train of thought,” they explain. “It’s all kind of mystical, fairytale type stuff.” The duo also let us in on what contributes to their winning song-writing formula which landed their track Merewif at number 3 on Hype Machine.

“I still think we write for us and our friends,” they explain. “I think that’s what makes it work. We don’t try and please anyone except really ourselves and that’s what’s gotten us to where we are right now and that’s what we’ll keep doing.”

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