World’s End Press – That Was A Loving House (Live At Music Feeds Studio)

Melbourne’s own World’s End Press stopped by Music Feeds Studio to promote their highly anticipated self-titled debut album. Their performance of That Was A Loving House was one of our personal favourites from the session, with its combination of club rhythms, a hypnotic bass line, and intricate, polyrhythmic drum beats.

The band recorded their debut at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales, the former haunt of bands like Queen and Oasis, and we kicked things off by asking the boys about their experience. “If you’re not acquainted with Rockfield, it has sort of a crazy British rock heritage,” explains frontman John Parkinson. “We got to record like a band may have in the ’70s, in isolation in the quaint Welsh countryside.”

Having released an EP in 2010, the band’s 2013 album seemed to come straight out of the blue for many fans. However, as the boys explain, it was a matter of “waiting for the right opportunity, the right guy to work with”, adding, “We ended up working with Tim Goldsworthy… it took a while to get it right.”

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