Interview: Yelle at Splendour in the Grass 2011

MFTV cruised up to Splendour with cameras and questions and chatted to some of the biggest names on 2011’s star-studded lineup. Splendour In The Grass, set in Woodfordia in Queensland, was headlined this year by Sir Kanye West (has he been knighted yet?) and also featured James Blake, Mogwai, The Hives, Regina Spektor, Pulp, Coldplay, The Mars Volta, DJ Shadow, Jane’s Addiction and heaps more.

Music Feeds TV may not have joined Weezy’s harem of ridiculous backup dancers but they did catch up with Yelle, the risqué French electro lass who sings in a sweet little voice about sex, dicks, boobs and ‘sex-you-ally-teh’, as she pronounces it.

Yelle, (Julie Budet), come from France and originally were going to be called YEL, ‘You Enjoy Life’, but in an ironic twist, a Belgian band already had the name so they feminized it, which rather suits Yelle’s music and attitude.

Yelle has some serious girl power and is unafraid to sing her mind. Yelle explains that in ‘Je Veux Te Voir’, she sings some rather naughty things, which she translates for us: “I want to see you in a pornographic movie with your little dick.” It’s about a French rapper but Yelle claims it’s not a ‘diss’ track.

Yelle says she’s obsessed by love and sexuality. She talks about sex toys, her little breasts, girl on girl action, and she wants to be honest in her music. She explains that her music, especially ‘Je Veux Te Voir’, has had some issues getting on French airwaves due to her risqué language and themes. No problems over here, Yelle, you keep talking dirty to us all you like.

Filmed & Edited by : Daniel Taylor

Interview by : Clarence Knight

Production assistant : Hayley Loader

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