Zeek Power – Don’t You Think It’s Time (Bob Evans Cover)

After chatting with Zeek Power, the 23-year-old Brisbane singer-songwriter who took out the top prize in Telstra’s 2nd Chance Song competition with his tender and moving rendition of Bob EvansDon’t You Think It’s Time, we decided to let him charm us once again with the cover that’s made him the talk of the Aussie music scene.

Zeek’s rendition transmutes the twee chords and sweet melodies of the original into a melancholic, jazz-inspired ballad, something Zeek told us was a result of never having heard the song before recording the cover. In Evans’ own words, “Zeek added a new dimension to the chords and melody of the song and really made it his own.”

During our chat, Zeek let us in on the story behind that winning cover. “Long story cut short, my little sister found out about the competition first and she sent me a link on Facebook. And being a musician, I leave everything late – you wake up late and you don’t do anything all day [laughs],” he recounted.

“I ended up forgetting all about it and it got to the last day of submitting entries and my sister reminded me about it, like, ‘Crap! I haven’t even done anything about it’,” Zeek continued. “The video that I put up was purely last-minute, like a one-take thing. I have super-slow internet at home, so it takes four hours for a video to upload on YouTube. I’m still living in the Stone Age, man.”

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