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25 year old Woman dies at Stereosonic Festival in Sydney

Written by Music Feeds on November 29, 2015

UPDATE 9:00 PM – Numbers from police have been released with, according to 9 News, Paramedics treating more than 120 people affected by drugs, nine of them taken to hospital.

A 25 year old woman has died after attending Stereosonic festival in Sydney on the weekend. The woman was rushed to concord hospital after falling sick at the festival but later died. A 22 year old woman is also in an induced coma.

Sky News is reporting that both instances are the result of an apparent overdose.

Stereosonic have posted a statement on the festival’s Facebook page.

“Totem Onelove conveys our deepest condolences to the friends and family of the patron who tragically passed away on Saturday night at Sydney Stereosonic. As it is a matter with the NSW Police and Coroner we cannot make any further statements or comment.

We appeal to our audience that they stay safe and look out for each other.”

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  • mc culkin

    big deal. i overdosed at stereo 2014 and was clinically dead for 2 minutes, still had a great time. some dickheads just don’t know how to OD properly pssssh

    • Miche

      I hope that one day your daughter dies of an OD! At least then you’ll learn some compassion.

    • Parko


    • Aliice

      You are the sort of idiot who goes to these music festivals and really doesn’t have a clue what you are putting in your mouth. You are not alone. Spare us your advice on how to have a good time.

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