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Big Day Out Sydney To Showcase ‘Rebound Rumble’

Written by Marc Zanotti on January 8, 2013

Big Day Out have teamed up with Macquarie University and FIRST robotics to bring the Rebound Rumble Stadium to Sydney. Five teams from NSW, Victoria and Tasmania will have a showdown of mechanics in a robotic basketball match.

Each team will be made up of four robots that weigh 50Kg and stand 1.5 meters tall. The high school students who built the robots will compete against eachother as they control their contraptions around the court, launching shots and playing defence.

Rebound Rumble is part of FIRST organisation’s annual competition that aims to instill interest and innovation into students when it comes to science and technology. If you’re taking a break from the music to check out some ballin’ robots, be sure to grab some food from Chow Town on the way.

Watch: 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition Match Footage

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